Introducing Evo….

Evo is a gel polish system which gives the stunning finish of Bio gel in a quicker treatment.

EVO2 boasts the world’s first MEDICAL GRADE formulation and OXYGENATING brush-on gel technology. The unique medical grade formulation of EVO2 Base utilizes only the highest quality ingredients to ensure EVO2 is safe for your nails, and your wellbeing.
With this product formulation receiving an ISO Medical Grade Certificate (ISO # 10993-5), the salon professional gets the assurance that they are working with a product of the highest quality.

EVO2 is infused with VITAMIN A & E that will migrate to the nail plate, even after curing, and does not contain any organic solvents or dehydrating primers or bonders.

The EVO2 overlay is gas permeable, allowing OXYGEN and WATER VAPOR to move freely to and from the nail plate. Its long chain length polyurethane backbone was selected specifically to provide the flexibility and toughness necessary for product performance. This breakthrough technology helps prevent dehydration and softening of keratin, and aids in protecting the natural nail from damage.


This treatment is now available in our salon!

Just £20 for nails, £22 for removal and re-application and £12 for toes!

(Limited colours available)