Botox and fillers clinic

We are extremely pleased to announce that Donna from Facial Artistry Aesthetics will be holding clinics in our salon on a fortnightly basis.

You can book online with our booking system or call the salon itself 01246 202128

FREE no obligation consultation . FREE Botox top up after two weeks ( or longer depending on treatment)
One area £100
Two areas £145
Three areas £170
Lasts about 4 months.

Areas, brow lift, frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet, jaw botox to stop teeth grinding and soften square jaws, bunny lines, gummy smile to stop it, chin to give a more female shaped face

Platysmal bands/ neck creases (2/3 weeks onset, duration 4 months) £250

Hyperhidrosis , excessive sweating for armpits ( one week onset, duration 6-8 months) £250

Hand fillers ( last up to 12 months) £200

Fillers for lips .55ml £90 ( lasts up to a year) 1ml £160

Cheek augmentation( lasts up to 18 months), nasolabial lines marionette lines (last up to a year) 1ml syringe £160

If 2 x 1ml syringes are needed the £260 for both

Donna is fully qualified, Trained at Royal College of GP’s, to perform botulinum and fillers, foundation /advanced techniques.

Donna is an Operating Department Practioner. Fully insured, professional, affordable discreet service.

All qualifications are avaliable to see if requested.