Hair regrowth programme

An amazing new treatment is now available at The Nail and Tanning Studio called Dermapen.

This treatment can be used for many things, from reduction of lines and wrinkles, scarring, as well as follicle stimulation to encourage hair growth.

This treatment is great for both men and women who have thinning hair and would like a natural treatment to encourage regrowth. The plan is for 3 months, however you may need more treatments depending on severity and your regrowth speed.

As it is a natural treatment there is no guarantee it will work as well on some as others, but based on our current results its definitely worth a try (the picture used is the before and last is after 2 weeks after the third session.

It works by fine needles penetrating the skin to the hair follicle to give the scalp and follicle a ‘wake up’

After each session your head will feel tight and would be more susceptible to the sun, so you would need to wear a hat on sunny days. you would have one session per month for three months and in-between you would use the advise hair care routine to help keep the scalp pore clear from dust and dirt.

If you have any questions about the or any other treatment please get in touch xx